We customize our services specifically for you, whether you're a doctor needing a biopsy report, a physician's office staff member seeking supplies for your office, or a patient anxious for potentially life-altering lab results. From our home town in historic Rome, Georgia, our experienced, board-certified pathologists and helpful staff have been providing quality personalized pathology services for physicians and patients throughout the Southeastern United States for over 50 years. We deliver the accurate results you need in record time along with a few extras, such as personal consultations with our pathologists, courier service if your office needs a specimen pick-up, or working with your staff and your patients on an individual basis regarding questions or problems with bills or payments. We know giving and receiving healthcare can be stressful. Just let us know what we can do to make things easier. At SouthEastern Pathology we're here for you.

As caring physicians, we know we aren't just looking at tissue samples, but at people whose lives may change as a result of what we see. You can count on us to treat your patients with respect, compassion and courtesy, and to guard their privacy. We want to make their experience—from the lab test to paying the bill—as easy as possible. Here's how we help:

  • We give them fast answers.
    The anxiety of waiting on biopsy results, or even a routine screening test, can be unbearable. Our rapid turnaround time can help provide peace-of-mind and a quick start for any necessary treatment.

  • At the physician's option, we give patients access to lab results online.
    If the physician agrees, patients can use a secure login to access normal Pap results on our website at their convenience. They also can view the status of other pathology reports to see whether the lab work is still in process or if the result has been sent to their physician.

  • We provide accurate and helpful information.
    On this website we provide links to expert resources to help patients understand lab results and treatments. We also provide information about having blood drawn and patient-friendly definitions and descriptions of pathology tests.

  • We make it easy to pay the bill.
    We do in-house billing, so patients have access to our experienced and friendly staff who can help them with issues, such as understanding their EOBs or creating payment options, on an individual basis.

We accept ALL insurance plans, so patients do not have to deal with coverage concerns.

If you have a patient experiencing financial hardship, just let us know. We'll offer the same discount on our services that you give them for yours. We're happy to help.

Your ability to treat your patients effectively depends on fast and accurate information. We provide accurate results and a quick turnaround time. But our service doesn't stop with the lab report.

  • You get accurate lab reports in record time.
    Using state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained support personnel, our staff of expert pathologists can get accurate results to you generally within 24 hours.

  • Our pathologists are available whenever you need them.
    Whatever your schedule, you have immediate direct access to a pathologist by cell phone to help correlate our findings with your clinical impression. If you request it, our pathologist will call you for rush cases or to report unexpected results. If it's after office hours, our pathologist on call will be glad to talk with you. Contact information for the pathologist on call is located on the website under For SEP Clients within the secure Physician Login.

  • We can consult with you on the newest test options.
    Pathology is a dynamic field and new test options are being developed all the time. We can keep you abreast of the newest testing options, and if we don't offer it in-house, we have access to some of the best reference labs in the country. We also have relationships with a network of pathologists who are experts in their fields.

  • SEP offers experience you can trust and service you need.
    Since 1972 SEP has recruited the region's top board-certified pathologists.

    As a privately-owned company we can adjust our services to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to be an extension of your staff, anticipating their needs and solving their problems. No matter what the issue, make one call to our dedicated physician line and we can handle the rest. Here are some ways we make it easy on your staff:

  • SEP accepts online or paper requisitions for tests.
    We provide our own online options or accept requisitions from any EMR. If a paper requisition is best for you, we will customize it to change "fill in the blank" to "check here."

  • We meet your supply needs quickly.
    Supplies are delivered as needed by daily or on-call courier service. We are ready to dispatch more supplies if you have an unexpected shortage.

  • Your staff can access data online.
    We give client offices online access to information in our Laboratory Information System, which means data can be searched easily or organized into a report. For example, you can create a report to identify patients who have not been tested in over a year, or search other special categories.

  • Lab results are available through our website.
    Upon sign-out, you can access the results through our secure Physician Login. We can eliminate the need for paper reports by arranging an EMR interface. Our experienced in-house IT team has created interfaces for many of the most popular EMRs and can develop a custom interface with the software you use.

    If you prefer hard-copy reports, these can be faxed or delivered daily by courier or by mail.

    We provide the option for you to give patients access to private and secure online Pap results, which helps reduce both calls to your office from patients and the number of mailings that you need to send them.

  • We make billing easy.
    We accept ALL insurance plans, so your staff will not have to triage which cases go to which laboratory based on a patient's insurance coverage.

    If a patient calls with billing issues, just refer them to us. Our team is there to explain the bills and to work with your patients on an individual basis.