Specimen Collection Guidelines

General Guidelines:

All specimen containers must be properly labeled with two identifiers. One must be the patient name; the second may be the date of birth, the social security number and/or other medical record number.


After collecting the specimen, label the slides with the patient name on the frosted end of the slide using a pencil (ink will rub off in processing).

Fixative Bottles/Swabs:

Make sure the lids/closures are securely tightened to prevent any leakage.


All requisitions must include the following: patient name, patient demographics (complete address, phone number, date of birth and SS #), patient medical record number, patient insurance information, diagnosis (ICD-10 codes), collection date, specimen source, the ordering provider, and all relevant clinical history.

You may attach a patient information sheet and a copy of the front and back of the insurance card to the requisition form.

Please note that any incomplete information may delay the processing and reporting of the case.