FNA Specimen Collection Instructions

Before collecting the sample, label slides and all containers:

  1. Remove the glass slides from the plastic slide holder. Do not discard the holder.
  2. Use a No. 2 pencil to label all slides with patient name and specimen site.
  3. Label all fixative containers with patient name and DOB, date, physician, specimen site.
  4. Identify and open the coplin pre-filled container (similar to the plastic slide holder except it has fixative fluid and is labeled "cytovial").

Once the specimen is obtained, the following steps must be performed within 20-30 seconds:

  1. Place only 1-2 drops of specimen on a glass slide. Excess specimen will ruin the sample.
  2. Immediately and gently place a second labeled slide on top of the drop and very gently pull the slides apart taking extra care to keep the two slides lightly and evenly touching during the pulling movement. Do not lift one slide off of the other, it will ruin the sample.
  3. Quickly place one slide into the prefilled coplin container. The other slide receives no fixative and is placed back into the plastic slide holder (this is the air-dried slide).
  4. Any residual material in the needle and/or syringe should be expressed and rinsed into the 30 ml Cytolyte preservative. Several rinses are recommended to increase cellular recovery.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second FNA pass and submit additional passes in Cytolyte only.

Additional information:

  • Submit larger tissue fragments, blood clots and needle biopsies in the 10 ml formalin.
  • If sampling a lymph node, neck mass or suspected lymphoma, additional passes (5-7 passes) should be submitted in RPMI fixative and sent ASAP for flow cytometry. RPMI is available upon request and must be refrigerated.
  • Check that all containers are tightly secured and the requisition is complete.
  • Place the kit and requisition in the biohazard bag.
  • Call SEP for a pick up at # 706-291-2430. Choose Option 2.