Surgical Pathology

Surgical pathology involves analyzing tissues, organs, and anatomical samples that have been removed from a living patient during surgery. For example, if a tumor is removed during surgery, a surgical pathologist will examine it to determine the disease or problem, to confirm that the surgeon has removed all of the diseased tissue and to give your physician the information needed to create a treatment plan.

Note to Physicians: As with all of our testing, our lab offers same-day processing on most tests and next-day reporting. Specimens receive careful attention and accuracy from processing, which is supervised by a certified physician's assistant, to specialized processing by our histotechnicians, to patient diagnoses provided by SEP's surgical pathologists. For cases that are difficult to classify, we consult with nationally recognized experts appropriate to the specimen and refer to specialized studies. Our peer-to-peer consultation teamed with timely, high-quality professional services distinguishes SouthEastern Pathology in the industry.